Bigg Boss 16: ‘Nimrit bani thali ka baingan;’ seen toggling between groups

Nimrit is seen gossiping and making game plans with both the groups.

Nimrit Ahluwalia is seen toggling groups inside Bigg Boss 16 house as per her convenience. She began with just one friend, Gautam Singh Vig. She started strong after becoming the first captain of Bigg Boss season 16, appointed by Bigg Boss himself. Her friendship with Gautam came across strong, real and genuine.

Now, as days are passing by in Bigg Boss house, Nimrit is seen sitting with every group with probably an intention of being in every one’s good books. When the season began, Nimrit was seen more involved with Gautam, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot and Soundarya Sharma. This was an alleged group that was formed inside the house, which was outrightly denied by Nimrit herself. Then, she was seen having fights with almost everyone in her group. Beginning with Gautam, owing to his growing closeness with Soundarya, she was seen fighting with Shalin and Tina too. She did seem to be going south with her game in the second and third week of the show.


Now, when the housemates are ending week five of their stay inside the Bigg Boss house, Nimrit Ahluwalia is seen making her bond strong, stronger and strongest with one of the healthy contenders inside the house, former Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 winner, Shiv Thakare. She realised, all four of her so-called friend have formed their own relationships like Shalin-Tina and Gautam-Soundarya. Also, considering the allegations of Shalin being acting like he’s auditioning all the time and becoming infamous post Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father’s bashing, and Gautam-Soundarya’s relationship being called out as fake, Nimrit thought of shifting her priorities in the house.

Now, being with Shiv, the leader of the other pack in the house — Sajid Khan, MC Stan, Abdu Rozik and Gori Nagori, Nimrit is trying to be seen with them, as she knows they’re coming across as genuine outside the house. But it’s not like she’s leaving her old friends. She’s seen gossiping and making game plans with both the groups.

Hope this strategy works for Nimrit, otherwise she might fall on her face with no one to come back to.