Bigg Boss 16: ‘Nimrit Ahluwalia ki dosti bane na bane, paise banne chahiye;’ ‘Choti Sardarni’ has no game in Bigg Boss 16

he is one of the contestants, sure to have got an MG — Minimum Guarantee.

Bigg Boss 16’s contestant Nimrit Ahluwalia is seen toggling groups. Sometimes she’s seen with the Tv group and sometimes with the non-tv group. She’s seen hearing game plans from Shalin Bhanot and spitting it all out to Shiv Thakare. She anyway has Abdu Rozik to her side by being his only crush inside the house. MC Stan and Gori Nagori are annoyed with her for snatching away their biggest friends, who also happens to be the strongest player in the house, Shiv Thakare.

She can easily be called ‘Thali ka Baingan’ or even a ‘Bin painde ka lota.’ Nimrit isn’t coming across as someone with a strong game play and strategy. Look like, she’s trying to show she’s a smart, intelligent contestant, but what the audience is seeing is something completely different.


She has been a huge face of Colors Tv for many, many years as ‘Maher’ in one of the highest TRP grossing shows of the channel, ‘Choti Sardarni.’ She is one of the contestants, sure to have got an MG — Minimum Guarantee. This is a privilege given to select few contestants, giving them a guarantee from the channel that they will not be eliminated out of the Bigg Boss house for a mutually-decided minimum number of weeks, which is usually at least till the month of January. So, she seems to be pretty chilled out considering her pre-planned long-stay in the game show.

With no clue, which side she’s on, having fought with her only best friend, Gautam Sing Vig, moving on to becoming friends with Shiv Thakare, and creating rift between that group, look like Nimrit is in the game only to take home as many per-week payment as possible.