Bigg Boss 16: New Captain Archana Gautam locks horns with ‘Choti Sardarni’ Nimrit Ahluwalia; says, “Main bakwas bardasht nahin karungi”

Archana is seen irritated when she had to taste her own medicine.

Recent news of Archana Gautam being made the new captain of Bigg Boss season 16 is already doing rounds outside the house. This is bound to gather a lot of attention for the show — both positive as well as negative. Positive because if Archana can make everyone laugh when she’s not the captain, what can she not do when she’s the one responsible for everything in the house.

She will be seen breaking laws in Shiv Thakare’s captaincy. She will be seen tonight sleeping till late. Now that she has become the captain, another leaked clip shows Archana Gautam having a duel with Nimrit Ahluwalia on the issue of oversleeping.


Whenever any law of the Bigg Boss house, be it speaking in any language other than Hindi, not sleeping after the first and the only alarm goes off at 8:00 AM every morning, not hitting or physically harming anyone, is broken, the captain is the one to maintain the decorum in the house.

Archana is seen irritated when she had to taste her own medicine. Nimrit tells her that she is not sleeping but only has her eyes closed and she insists not to trouble her first thing in the morning. All this is happening in the garden area. Archana is also deliberately trying to take revenge from Nimrit for troubling her sleep later the previous night.

Archana is also seen saying that Sumbul Touqeer is making food, she’ll soon need the dustbin to dump the waste, so she demands Nimrit to get going and do her duty diligently.