Bigg Boss 16: Netizens applaud Soundarya Sharma for standing with BF Gautam Singh Vig after housemates keep him at fence

Soundarya was personally going to everyone and giving them food.

Last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ saw a different shade of Gautam Singh Vig. He could have used that as an opportunity to up his game, even Salman Khan helped him do that, but unfortunately he barely passed with passing marks. Salman Khan asked him if he would accept to become the captain of the house in exchange for the entire house’s ration. Gautam took a few seconds and denied. Salman Khan insisted he took some more time, and then Gautam, after much deliberation, answered with a yes, which stumped almost all of the housemates.

After a very ugly backlash from the other housemates, Gautam Singh Vig again refused the offer of becoming the captain, gaining immunity from nominations in exchange for the entire house’s ration. Salman Khan, this time, tried his level best to make Gautam realise that what he’s doing is correct. Besides Salman’s efforts, Gautam kept apologising and kept requesting Bigg Boss to make him take back his decision. Bigg Boss instead congratulated him for his captaincy and sent in his team to take away all the ration. All this, while playing the very poorly made Bigg Boss anthem — as if Bigg Boss was mocking at the housemates and making them realise and showing them a picture that this is his house they are staying in and that they are mere puppets.


Gautam faced a lot of backlash from contestants even the next day. Especially from Sajid Khan, who even went ahead to breaking a glass jug and abusing Gautam’s mother too. But Gautam didn’t have to take it all alone. His girlfriend, Soundarya was with him. She was personally going to everyone and giving them food. She did all the kitchen work that day. She didn’t leave Gautam alone even for a second and it looked extremely genuine.

Netizens are all praise for Soundarya Sharma. Have a look: