Bigg Boss 16: “Na vo taiyar hoti hai, na makeup lagati hai,” Tina Datta is jealous of Sumbul Touqeer and blames Colors TV

Tina was seen sharing it with Nimrit and saying, “makers chah rahe hain ki vo rahe.”

Bigg Boss is knows to be bringing in the game show those actors who have been the face of Colors Tv, like Tina Datta. Or they bring in people who could have a potential of being the new Colors’ face, like Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Now, there’s a competition in a competition in this game that’s evident mostly only between actors and actresses. Since everyone wants to look their best, be in their best attires, look their glam best, their arrises a sense of jealousy amongst the actors. This happens because the reason they’re doing Bigg Boss is that they do not have work, wish to be seen, get more famous and a bigger fan following, who would wish to them in every product endorsement, advertisement, music video, web show, films or even television shows. So, everybody is not playing the Bigg Boss game to win the trophy, but there’s a larger race they all are a part of.

Tina Datta, being an experienced actress in the television industry and a pretty well-known face, is aware of what she’s in for while inside the Bigg Boss house. So, she’s trying her best to outdo every other actress even in close proximity to her stardom. Let’s understand how she’s doing it. She’s showing Sumbul what a good friend she is to her. She even fights for her against Archana and defends Sumbul by boasting about Sumbul’s popularity in the outside world. But when the results for the MY Glam Face of Nykaa voting for the week come in, and Sumbul takes Tina’s position, beating even Nimrit Ahluwalia, Tina is seen to be filled with rage and jealousy. She was seen sharing it with Nimrit and saying, “makers chah rahe hain ki vo rahe.”


Look what Rajiv Adatia has to say about Tina Datta’s double standards: