Bigg Boss 16: “Mujhe papa mummy ko vaise hi uchalte huye dekhna hai;” Shalin Bhanot shares a heartwarming incident

Tina quips, “tum jante ho na trophy do logon ko nahin milti.”

In one of the video clips of Bigg Boss 16’s Unseen Undekha on Voot, we see Shalin Bhanot sharing with Tina Datta how when he took part in his last reality TV show, his parents were very excited for the finale. Not because Shalin was one of the finalists but because Shalin had told his parents that Shah Rukh Khan would be present there for the finale. Hearing this his parents had got really excited. Shalin told them, “…ho sake toh baat bhi karwa dunga Shahrukh se.”

He said, “pura din humare bare mein kuch nahin pucha, ki haan tumhe kya lagta hai tum jeetoge yaan nahin, kuch nahin, bass yeh ki Shahrukh Khan se milna hai.” But he said when Shahrukh Khan announced my name as the winner and the first thing I did was looked at my parents sitting in the audience and they jumped in excitement, “matlab vo kaise bachon vali excitement nahin hoti vaisi vali. That’s what I want to see for this show also.”


Tina quips, “tum jante ho na trophy do logon ko nahin milti.” She was funnily referring to the fact that she will win the trophy and won’t be shared by Shalin and so his parents can’t react the way he’s wishing them to react.