Bigg Boss 16: “Mere papa hote na, thappad maarte uske muh pe;” Soundarya Sharma slams Gautam Vig after Salman Khan shows his reality

Salman clearly wanted to tell Soundarya that she’s being made a fool of by Gautam.

In yet another interesting promo of currently running Bigg Boss season 16’s tonight’s (week five’s) second day — Saturday’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes, doing its rounds of going viral on almost all of the social media platforms, shows us Soundarya Sharma lashing her guts out at her apparent boyfriend, Gautam Singh Vig. She is seen crying her eyes out and questioning Gautam’s integrity after Salman Khan showed Soundarya a clip from one of the previous episodes of this week, where Gautam’s fake friends, Shalin Bhanot and Nimrit Ahluwalia were making fun of Soundarya by mimicking her in front of Gautam, inside the captain’s room. But, Gautam seemed to be enjoying it, was laughing along with them and he did not, for once stopped Shalin and Nimrit from making fun of Soundarya.

Later, Soundarya will be seen crying and sobbing bitterly in front of Gautam, when the latter will be trying to console her and give justifications and explanations to his behaviour. Soundarya is seen angrily telling Gautam, “meri izzat toh rakhte the na (you should have maintained my dignity and respect at least).”


Salman’s point of showing the clip to Soundarya was clearly to tell her that she’s being made a fool of by Gautam by taking along a love angle in the show, to gain a hashtag on social media and later a lot of work together when they go out of this house.

Only time will tell, what turn this relationship will take and what decision will Soundarya take.