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Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan lifts the trophy; Shiv Thakre first runner-up

The Bigg Boss 16 season finale has come to an end. The front-runners for the prized trophy are Shiv Thakare and MC Stan.


Bigg Boss 16’s four-month adventure, which saw some significant fights, controversies, and non-stop drama, has finally come to a close with MC Stan lifting the coveted trophy. The rapper returned home on foot with Rs. 31,80,000 and a brand-new car. A cosmetic brand also gave him Rs 25 lakh as the face of the year.

MC Stan has come a long way, from missing home and feeling out of place in the house to revealing the 2.0 side and being driven to win the competition. At first, he went through a phase where he didn’t want to stay in the house and didn’t feel like he fit in with the other participants, but Salman Khan and Bigg Boss inspired him to play the game and brought him Buba’s t-shirt, which made him stronger in the house.

Only MC Stan continued to be true till the very end of the competition. Stan made no changes to his appearance in preparation for the game. His capacity for loud and unambiguous expression has been his greatest gift. He has no fear of anyone and has no qualms about confronting his own friends. When Stan thought Shiv and Sajid were changing for the game, he got vocal about it and confronted them. He and Shalin have engaged in the most intense arguments at home.

In the finale, MC Stan’s girlfriend ‘Buba’ aka Anam Sheikh contacts him and confronts him for adoring Priyanka over the phone. Salman jokes that you would now have to win or she will not let you return home as Stan attempts to calm her down as she says, “Jeetke hi aana.”

The grand Bigg Boss 16 finale, Salman Khan is the season’s host, and the season debuted in October with a bang. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Shalin Bhanot, Shiv Thakare, Archana Gautam, and MC Stan are the Bigg Boss 16 finalists vying for the trophy. Priyanka and Shiv Thakare currently seem to be the likely winners based on social media discussions.

Shiv was lagging behind Priyanka in the poll conducted by various polls across social media. According to the promotions, the finalists, including Shalin and Archana, Shiv and Priyanka and the Mandali gave spectacular performances.