Bigg Boss 16: “Kyun apki pahunch upar takk hai kya?” Archana Gautam defending herself against Sajid Khan; Netizens applaud

Netizens are questioning Sajid Khan’s arrogance and Bigg Boss’s baseness.


Bigg Boss fans are extremely angry with Sajid Khan being favoured by the makers this time around. And that too shamelessly. Sajid broke the rule of writing something on the paper in house, he was not punished, instead Sumbul Touqeer Khan was punished for helping the captain. Sajid Khan was the one who started smoking outside in the open but still Bigg Boss only warned him but did not fire him from his captaincy.

Even Priyanka Chahar Choudhary in last night’s episode was seen complaining to Ankit Gupta, how Bigg Boss and makers of the most controversial show of the country are being biased towards Sajid Khan. She mentioned how Sajid gets all the ration every time, after every task and he is the deciding factor every time.

Last night’s telecast of Bigg Boss 16 was all about Archana Gautam Vs Sajid Khan, who had the unadulterated support of all the housemates. They both were seen fighting a lot, to the extent of Sajid Khan getting unwell with high blood pressure. During their fight, Sajid said, “tereko iss show mein rehna hai yaan nahin? toh mujhse panga matt le.” To which, Archana gave a bold reply, “Kyun apki pahunch upar takk hai kya?”

Netizens are questioning Sajid Khan’s arrogance and Bigg Boss’s baseness and at the same time applauding Archana for standing away from the crowd.