Bigg Boss 16: “Kabh main tumhare sath bossy hui?” Tina Datta is angry with Sumbul Touqeer

ina hates the fact that Shalin is friends with Sumbul and she has shown this time and again.


Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer had to be stuck with each other because of their apparently shared love for Shalin Bhanot. In yesterday’s episode, Sumbul Touqeer was seen delivering ration to Sajid Khan and not Tina Datta. This made Tina very angry. When Sumbul came to confront her, instead of Tina, Shalin started shouting at Sumbul and said things like, “vo sabhse pehle tumhare peeche ayi thi jabh tumhare papa ki baat ho rahi thi, how can you do this to Tina Sumbul?” This made not just Sumbul but her fans outside the house watching their queen being bashed by the stupid Shalin Bhanot fume in extreme anger. Shalin was very, very rude to Sumbul.

Tina Datta did not like Shalin’s behaviour. She told Nimrit Ahluwalia that Shalin didn’t have to shout at Sumbul because because of him she couldn’t talk to Sumbul and later he will go and clarify everything with Sumbul and she herself will be left alone sulking.

So, Tina went outside to talk to Sumbul, who denied any discussion regarding this. Now, Tina is being so affected and behaving like she loved Sumbul. But actually, we the audience knows she did not love Sumbul at all. In fact she is very, very, very jealous of Sumbul Touqeer Khan. In the My Glam revelation, Tina accused makers of siding with Sumbul and questioned their credibility because she thinks Sumbul does not even do any makeup and/or get ready properly.

Tina has also been seen poking Shalin Bhanot for giving Sumbul his jacket when the latter was feeling cold. Tina hates the fact that Shalin is friends with Sumbul and she has shown this time and again.