Bigg Boss 16: In a surprising turn of mid week events, Archana Gautam becomes the new captain of the house

Archana will be seen sleeping late even after a lot of ‘Kukadoo’ alarms had gone off for her.

Archana Gautam has been revolting against Bigg Boss season 16’s current captain, Shiv Thakare. In one of the promos, she is seen coupling with her best friend inside the house, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary for standing on the same opinion that Shiv does not make for a good captain. They think that Shiv is being biased. He’s not giving much work to his set of friends in his group and is unnecessarily poking them by giving them work.

This leads to Shiv Thakare and many other housemates pull a prank of Archana and Priyanka while both the best friends will be desperately trying to get their beauty sleep. This is going to piss both of them off and they both will create a ruckus, not only that night, but also the next day.


While Priyanka will be seen not doing her daily chores and duties assigned to her by the captain on time, Archana will also be seen sleeping late even after a lot of ‘Kukadoo’ alarms had gone off for her. This led to a verbal feud between Shiv and Archana.

Later, Bigg Boss will be heard announcing for Shiv Thakare that, “kyunki apki gharwalon ko samjhakar iss ghar ko chalane ki strategy zyada rang nahin dikha rahi hai, shayad apko satta chalane ka, abh dusra rasta chalana padhe.

Post this, we’re not shown what happened but from sources trusted to give correct information about the happenings inside the Bigg Boss house, we have got to learn that somehow Shiv is not the captain of the house anymore. Archana has become the new captain of the house. There’s no official confirmation though.