Bigg Boss 16: “Hum logon ka khana chori kar kar ke de rahi hai;” Sajid Khan lose his anger when Gori Nagori steals food from their room

Gori says, “main nahin puchungi, main lungi, mera bhi room hai agli baar change kar dena.”


Bigg Boss season 16’s last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ saw Gori Nagori’s game plans and strategies to break Shiv Thakare’s group exposed by Salman Khan. Last week Gori was seen suggesting MC Stan of talking to other people too. This came after Shiv’s growing closeness with Nimrit Ahluwalia. This caused Gori to move away from her group of friends, Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik. Now, she’s seen struggling finding her space in the house.

Now, in one of the new promos of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16, doing their rounds on social media, we see Sajid Khan accusing Gori Nagori of stealing food from their room and giving it to her new set of friends, Gautam Sing Vig, his girlfriend Soundarya Sharma, and also possibly Gori’s arch rival Archana Gautam. Shiv is also seen vouching for Sajid in the promo that, “besan ka packet de diya usne, oats alag liye, ande alag liye, chori se lekar ja rahi hai yahan se (she took gram flour separately, then oats separately and she took also eggs too, and she’s taking all of these food items in stealth).”

When confronted, Gori is seen having an ugly spat of words with the #MeToo accused, Sajid Khan. She says, “main nahin puchungi, main lungi, mera bhi room hai agli baar change kar dena (I won’t ask, I will take, It’s my room too, you may change it the next time).” Sajid threatened Gori to not argue with her and after using a few cuss words, he was seen hitting one of the doors of Bigg Boss’ house.