Bigg Boss 16: Here’s a ‘ShaLina’ moment! Shalin Bhanot flirts with Tina Datta; says, “Aap smoking hot lag rahi ho”

Shalin Bhanot flirts with Tina Datta and the actress can’t stop blushing.


Bigg Boss contestants have their own story, struggles and past, they start a new chapter in this house and open their doors of heart for others. It is seen that a new bond and relation has started between Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta. The duo were great friends but after the statement,”I won’t make you wait for 2 months” equations have changed between the duo.

In one of the extra masala snippet it is seen that Shalin flirts with Tina and he compliments her outfit and says,”You are looking hot.” Hearing this Tina turns red and can’t stop hiding her smile. She further adds that Shalin should speak in Hindi as that is the rule of house. Shalin then says,”Aap smoking hot lag rahi ho. aap garam lag rahi ho.”

Soundarya can’t stop laughing when Shalin says this statement. Shalin seeks help from Soundarya to compliment Tina more but Soundarya says,”Shalin aap thoda shaalin ho jao.” The clip ends with the trio laughing on the statement. Shalin never leaves a chance to impress Tina and come closer to her. This bold and cute moment is loved by the viewers. Fans love Tina and Shalin’s bond, do you like their chemistry? Comment us down and let us know your views on the same. For more updates and details about the tasks and from the house stay tuned with us!