Bigg Boss 16: “Hai vo aisi kya karu main abh;” Gautam Vig didn’t support Soundarya Sharma yet again

Soundarya Sharma was seen advising to Shalin Bhanot to not broom during evening.

Gautam Singh Vig has been accused of being in a fake relationship with Soundarya Sharma, just for the sake of cameras and footage. Soundarya Sharma has been shown footage by Salman Khan where Gautam is happily enjoying his apparent girlfriend’s disrespect by Shalin Bhanot and Nimrit Ahluwalia, right in front of Gautam’s eyes. Gautam kept laughing, but didn’t raise a finger against his other two fake friends to not talk about Soundarya the way they were. Shalin literally referenced towards Soundarya’s cheap character. This led to a very big fight between Gautam and Soundarya. But was resolved soon after.

Again, during last week’s nominations’ task, Gautam went ahead and gave a rose flower to Shalin Bhanot, who said cheap things about his girlfriend, Soundarya, in an attempt to save Shalin from nominations. Now, this too, had obviously enraged and irked Soundarya a lot. She even pin pointed this issue to Gautam but in vain, because Gautam couldn’t have given the explanation for supporting Shalin because that’s where he gets other half of his footage from.


Now, in last night’s episode, Soundarya Sharma was seen advising to Shalin Bhanot to not broom during evening because that’s what her mother taught her. Now, this was humoured well by Tina Datta and MC Stan. Even Shalin himself commented that this is how Soundarya tries to have a conversation with him.

This topic was discussed amongst Gautam and Soundarya’s new group too, where Archana Gautam was seen asking Gautam why is her girlfriend poking her nose in Shalin’s business now. Now again, Gautam did not stand up for Soundarya, and said, “Hai vo aisi kya karu main abh.”