Bigg Boss 16: “Gori ke sath galat horela hai;” MC Stan on Gori Nagori; Denied her food

Deep down MC Stan knows Gori is her only friend and he is just a vote bank for Sajid and Shiv.


MC Stan was looking like a living dead in the Bigg Boss house yesterday. He’s been showing a lot of extreme mood swings inside the house. But, yesterday he was literally looking like he’s one of the walking deads. He wasn’t feeling up to the mark. He didn’t want to be inside of Bigg Boss house at all anymore. Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Ahluwalia, Sajid Khan and even Abdu Rozik tried to cheer him up but he didn’t like it.

MC Stan was approached by his one true friend Gori Nagori also. He said to her how everyone is trying to claim and flaunt that they are making efforts to make him happy and cheer him up. He added how he feels everyone is so fake inside the house. Gori held his hand and understood his feeling. He even added that even he does not know what he might do inside the house.

Later, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was seen talking to MC Stan and he opened up to her and repeated that he is too frustrated and can do anything. He added how he feels Gori is being wronged by people of her own group and that Priyanka must stand with Gori at this time. But he himself didn’t want to stand for her.

Later, Bigg Boss talked to MC Stan inside confession room and gave him clarity after which he got fine. But during the ration delivery task he gave food to Shiv Thakare and not to Gori Nagori. This wasn’t appreciated by many viewers. He should have stuck to his words. deep down he knows Gori is her only friend and he is just a vote bank for Sajid and Shiv.