Bigg Boss 16: “Ghatiya ladk” says victim Priyanka Choudhary to culprit Ankit Gupta

if she says something adverse, she should expect a backlash too.


Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is seen supporting and loving and caring for Ankit Gupta in Bigg Boss 16 house all the time. But, she is also seen victimising herself, crying over Ankit treating her badly outside of the Bigg Boss house, and saying things like, “bahut jhela hai main tujhe.”

Well, whatever these two contestants claim their relationship to be — friends, just friends, more than friend, lovers or each other’s exes, they both clearly have some very intense past that they’ve carried inside the Bigg Boss house. This is mostly reflected from Priyanka’s claims of being used by Ankit outside the house, or being treated badly by him, and mostly she’s heard saying, ‘Yeh sirf khud ke liye jeeta hai, ise kisi ke hone na hone se koi fark nahin padhta.” She has even gone ahead and proclaimed in the show that Ankit has never come to recuperate their friendship after any fights, she used to cry bitterly, but he never used to return back the feelings she had always been expecting off him. So, clearly, Priyanka has many times blamed Ankit for being the biggest reason for their brawls and 5-month long fights outside the house. While portraying herself as the ultimate authority of being the victim of all atrocities.

Now, in last night’s telecast, Ankit, in a fit of rage, happened to say, “Bahar ki batein nikalti rehti ho, main kholun tumhari batein yahan cameray ke saamne, bataun main.” This irked Priyanka quite a lot and she went on her regular loop of complaining about how Ankit treated her.

She really needs to understand that if she can malign Ankit’s image by reminding him of what their equation was in the outside world because of Ankit’s behaviour, Ankit too can do that sometimes to give it back to her. So, if she says something adverse, she should expect a backlash too.