Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Singh Vig gets a new ‘hilarious’ look in the house; Housemates are dead laughing

His new look is sure to make every audience member laugh their lungs out.


Bigg Boss season 16 is roaring like a lion. Its growing popularity is making audiences and huge fans of the 16-year-old and most controversial show of the country, Bigg Boss stay hooked on their television sets and/or on their mobile phones. This time, a lot of things have changed. Bigg Boss is being more involved in the game this time around. He is heard in a different avatar in the current running season 16. For the first time in 16 years’ history of the show, Bigg Boss is seen gossiping with the housemates. Other thing changed this season is the transparency. The makers are putting Salman Khan to the best use of his job as its 12-year-old host. They are making him spew the truth to audiences by talking to the housemates; he talked to Ankit Gupta about not being dragged to the show for free. By now, we all also know that the day next to ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ is technically an off day for the housemates. They can do their hair, waxing, or any personal stuff.

But beginning of 5th week will see another shocking change in the current running season 16 of Bigg Boss. Gautam Singh Vig, one of the most talked about players of the controversial game show, will be seen clean shaved. His new look is sure to make every audience member laugh their lungs out. But Housemates, who are witnessing the ‘chikna’ Gautam right in front of them, are seen rolling on the floor laughing seeing Gautam in his chopped off avatar.

In its first look, everyone is bound to think there’s a wild-card entry in the season. Have a look: