Bigg Boss 16: Friends Mrunal Jain and Vrushika Mehta speak in support of Tina Datta after the demise of her pet dog ‘Rani’

Tina Datta had an emotional breakdown after hearing about her pet dog’s demise. Now her friends from out the Bigg Boss 16 house – Mrunal Jain and Vrushika Mehta have shown their support via their socials.


Recently, the Bigg Boss 16 house witnessed an emotional moment as Tina Datta found out about her pet dog Rani’s demise after losing the battle to cancer. Tina got the heartbreaking news when Bigg Boss called her inside the confession room and told her that she needed to leave the Bigg Boss 16 house temporarily because something happened in her personal life. While the actress had an emotional breakdown, she soon gathered herself back to perform the captaincy task. This decision of hers met with supportive cheers from the housemates.
Now, her friends from outside – Mrunal Jain and Vrushika Mehta have come out in support as they give condolences via their social media handles.
Mrunal Jain, who played Tina’s co-star in Uttaran, sent a touching message saying, “Stay strong, @tinadatta… Rani is watching you and want you win this.” with the hashtag “We Stay Strong.”
While Vrushika Mehta penned, “Stay strong, Tina…You are a fighter, and Rani’s love and blessings are always with you.” via her social media handle as well.
In other updates, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot’s love angle have become the talk of the conversation yet again both inside and outside the house with Archana Gautam mocking the two’s bathroom incident.