Bigg Boss 16: Fans of Shalin Bhanot trend hashtag ‘Tina Datta Exposed’ on Twitter after her return in the house

Tina Datta exposed was trended on Twitter by Shalin Bhanot fans after the actress was seen schooling him for her eviction. The actress has returned to Bigg Boss 16.

Just as Bigg Boss 16 fans were reeling from the shock of Tina Datta’s eviction after Shalin chose to stick to the prize money in order to give all the inmates a fair chance, a sensational promo from Salman Khan’s show aired in which Tina Datta made another appearance on Bigg Boss 16. She was evicted from the Salman Khan-hosted reality show the day before.

However, Shalin is called by Bigg Boss again to make press the buzzer and make a choice between price money and Tina Datta. In the video Shalin appeared upset and frustrated, but he followed it seemed like he followed his heart this time, which resulted in Tina’s re-entry into the house according to the Bigg Boss 16 promo. But Tina isn’t happy with Shalin, and she slams him for not pressing the buzzer, contradicting her own statement just a few hours earlier, which leads to a massive brawl between the two.


Seeing this slew of Shalin Bhanot fans took to Twitter to trend ‘Tina Datta exposed’, accusing the TV actress of blaming him for not pressing the buzzer sooner. A fan tweeted, “Which @BiggBoss has #TinaDatta seen. Because we saw that #ShalinBhanot was near the entry, cried and shiv and nimrit consoled him. Audiance wants to know what clip you showed yo her and brought her inside. It’s Deffinatly scripted show. No elimination, whoever goes, comes inside?”