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Bigg Boss 16- Extraa Masala: Ankit Gupta exposes Manya Singh’s antics; Take a look!

In an Extraa Masala snippet, Ankit Gupta reveals an interesting story about Manya Singh to the contestants.


In a Bigg Boss 16 extraa masala snippet, Ankit Gupta is seen exposing Manya Singh’s antics to other contestants of the house. The snippet begins with Manya jokingly doing a dance step and saying that she becomes self-conscious doing it in public. However, the crowd encourages her to do it anyway, and she complies. After this, Ankit tells her to do the steps that she was doing the previous night. This is when he makes fun of her and exposes her. He tells the story of Manya doing such antics on top of the bed in the middle of the night and getting scolded because of it. He revealed that she was jumping on top of Archana Gautam’s bed and was scolded not to do so. After hearing this, Manya was seen laughing it off. She said, “Tumhre bed sae jump karne ka maan karta hai, don’t know why.” Hearing this other  contestants jokingly told her ‘to jump out of the window doing her steps.’ The scene ends with Manya as well as Ankit laughing out loud hearing  her such antics.

Talking about the latest Bigg Boss 16 updates, Sreejita De was eliminated from the house by host Salman Khan. Making her the first contestant to be eliminated this season.