Bigg Boss 16 Extraa Masala: Abdu Rozik persuades Archana Gautam to deal with the situation calmly; teaches, “You kill your dushman with sugar”

Abdu Rozik approaches Archana Gautam to stop unnecessary causing arguments inside the house instead deal with the situations calmly. Here what Archana told Abdu in her defense.


In a Bigg Boss 16 Extraa Masala, Abdu Rozik addresses Archana’s tendency to pick up fights randomly inside the house and tells her to take a different approach and deal with her angry emotions calmly.
The clip starts with Abdu directly telling Archana that she is getting ‘More Pagal’ day by day. You make fight instead of talking. Archana replies by saying, ” This is Bigg Boss and it is famous for its fighting only.”
Abdu then tells her that all these fight are fun for her (Archana) only but not the audience. This is when the housemates present during the convo chirp in and applaud Abdu for his wise words while telling Archanna that Bigg Boss is not always about fights.
Abdu then further adds, “You have dushman or enemy, you don’t kill with fights. You kill with sugar.” Archana then counters by saying that some people can’t be dealt with without causing fights. Housemates then chime in and tell Archana to be in the delusion that Bigg Boss can only be won by causing endless fights inside the house. When Abdu gets irritated and tells her that her fights do not look good on the audience and outside and that she should deal with the situations calmly.