Bigg Boss 16 Extra Masala: Shiv Thakare reveals his fav actress is Alia Bhatt; Nimrit Kaur fangirls overher acting skills

Shiv Thakre says his favourite actress is Alia Bhatt, and Nimrit Kaur says hers as well, as she goes on to praise the actress’ acting skills.


In a Bigg Boss 16 Extra Masala Snippet, contestant Shiv Thakare is seen revealing his favourite bollywood actress to his co-contestant Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in a candid conversation with each other. Hearing the name of Shiv’s favourite contestant she is even seen praising her acting skills.

The video, starts with Shalin Bhanot asking Shiv about his favourite actress as the housemates are gathered around in the garden corner to have some candid chit chat with each other and get to know one another on a deeper level. Shiv then replies without thinking and reveals that his favourite actress is Alia Bhatt. Hearing this Nimrit Kaur who was sipping on her cup of coffee said that she too loves Alia Bhatt and sat to explain all the reasons that made her favourite.

Nimrit shared that she love Alia Bhatt’s acting a lot and is fascinated by her scenes. Sharing an incident that happened with her during watching a film of her, Nimrit shares that she was so mesmerized by her acting that she completely forgot what was going with the storyline. She further adds, “I was just engrossed on her every little twitch…aisa lag rha tha meine woh film study kari hai and when you see someone in that sense you know that the actress has put up an awesome performance.”