Bigg Boss 16: Ex-contestant Shefali Jariwala on Abdu Rozik; says, “I feel angry when I see people treating him like a child”

Ex-contestant Shefali Jariwala is dissappointed by the childish treatment given to Abdu Rozik by the contestants inside the house.

Ever since the beginning of Bigg Boss 16, the season has been genrating controversies through fights and love stories of the contestanta currently residing inside the house. Netizens has well as the senior contestants from the previous season leave there opinion some ground-breaking or debabtle ones.
One such ex-contestant, who shared her views on current season is Shefali Jariwala. She admits getting disappointed on the childish treatment given to Abdu Rozik inside the house.
She said, “I feel very angry when I see people hugging and kissing him and treating him like a child. I want to tell everyone not to look at him as short person but a human being as I believe he is 19. Would anyone like it if everyone keeps pulling and hanging and carrying us around? I know I wouldn’t!”
The actress also shares that Abdu has been her favourite contestant so far as he tries to be part of all the activities around the house.

In the same chat, Shefali reveals that she has been getting offer to compete on Bigg Boss since season 1 but she didn’t take up the offer until season 13 due to her naviety.  To those wondering, the Kanta Lagaa actress, Shefali entered the house for short time on Bigg Boss 13 but was soon evicted from the house.