Bigg Boss 16: Ex-contestant Gori Nagori is disappointeed with Shiv Thakare’s game; says, “Ab gaanda khelne laga hai”

Gori Nagori after getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss 16 house after spending one whole month inside, recently spoke about her journey while also giving her opinion on Shiv Thakare’s game.


Reality show Bigg Boss 16 had yet another elimination this week with contestant Gori Nagori having to to say goodbye to the controversial house for good. As soon as the dancer stepped out of the show, she has been busy giving interviews about her experience with game and her fellow contestants.

Recently, Gori in a candid media interview spoke about her time inside the house while also talking about the betrayal from her recent Bigg Boss 16 friends. She said, “I felt very lonely and wanted to get out as I have never lived away from the my family for this long. However, making friends was fun. However, I felt bad and depressed towards the end as my friends betrayed me.”

Talking about the headlining contestant for the week – Shiv Thakare, Gori Naogri said that she used love the way Shiv used to play the game intially but now she is a bit disspaointed as he has started playing dirty. She said, “Woh accha khel raha hai. Magar abhi ganda khelne laga hai.”

To the uninitiated, Shiv Thakare has been facing quite a few cristicism from celebs as well as the audience for playing a dirty game  as they feel he is being Sajid Khan’s side kick and only jumps into issues to get some footage.