Bigg Boss 16: Did Soundarya Sharma forgive Gautam Vig to stay in the game? Here’s what we think

Why is only Gautam being accused of being in a fake relationship and not Soundarya?

Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Singh Vig’s relationship has been put under a lot of scrutiny over the past few weeks. Even since Karan Johar told Gautam that his feelings for Soundarya seemed to be fake, the latter seems to have lost track of his game. He is desperately seen trying to prove the realness of his feelings for Soundarya to everyone. A week later, even Salman Khan was seen showing a mirror to Soundarya how Gautam has not been serious for her. The week after that Bigg Boss staged a court room task for rationing but actually to prove to everyone that Gautam is just using Soundarya to run a fake love angle in the house to go ahead in the game.

When none of this broke Soundarya’s trust and love in Gautam but only increased it, Salman Khan again this last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ showed Soundarya a clipping where Nimrit Ahluwalia and Shalin Bhanot are mimicking Soundarya Sharma in a rather mocking manner and telling Gautam how bad his decision has been in choosing Soundarya as his girlfriend and in how in that clipping Gautam does not seem to be bothered at all about Soundarya’s image and respect because he did not say anything to stop his so called friends from mocking his apparent girlfriend.


Soundarya was finally moved by this and was seen fighting with Gautam and crying her guts out. She was questioning Gautam on how he used her. But even after being profusely hurt, Soundarya went back to Gautam and is seemingly pretty happy in her love with the boy.

We wonder if she forgave Gautam because of true love or is she trying to hold onto the love angle, because other than Gautam she does not have any other game of her’s in the house? Also, why is Gautam being accused of being in a fake relationship and not Soundarya, who even after multiple attempts of being told about Gautam’s true intentions, is still clinging on to Gautam, her boyfriend in the house?