Bigg Boss 16: “Cassette ki tarhan bajti hi rehti ho;” Tina Datta to Priyanka Choudhary over kitchen politics

Priyanka accuses Tina of being “Bossy,” like many other have accused her.

In one of the promos of the current running season of Bigg Boss 16 shared by Colors Tv on all of its social media platforms, we see Tina Datta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary fighting over who will be cooking on which ‘Chulha.’ In the promo we see that the ‘Udaariyaan’ fame Priyanka is cooking chapatis in the kitchen and Tina shifts her ‘tava’ to another burner and upon being questioned by Priyanka, Tina says, “Yeh gas mujhe chahiye, vo log khana khane baithe gaye h (I need this gas, those people have sat to eat).” This irked Priyanka, who got the pan back on her own burner because she doesn’t want to be interrupted while she’s already cooking.

Then Tina Datta looks at the boys and says, “sorry boys tum logon ke rice time pe nahin milega (sorry boys, you guys won’t be getting your rice on time).” To which Priyanka retorts, “time se kya abhi banane lagi ho toh time se kahan se time se banega phir (if you’re beginning to cook now, then how will it be cooked on time).”


Priyanka is seen requesting rather aggressively to Tina, “Tum agay se kabh bhi aise mera tava matt hatana… ek manners naam ki cheez hoti hai, jo aapke paas hai, par pata nahin yahan kya ho gya hai apko (don’t remove my pan like this henceforth, there’s something called manners too, which you do have but don’t know what has happened to you here).”

Tina gets irritated that Priyanka just doesn’t stop yapping about the incident and keeps repeating herself like a “Cassette.” And Priyanka accuses Tina of being “Bossy,” like many other have accused her.