Bigg Boss 16: ‘Captain buzzer wala bana raha hai;’ Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is a namesake ‘sanchalak’

Bigg Boss knew that these contestants are trying to act smarter than he is.


In the ‘For Abdu’ and ‘Change Abdu’ task of Bigg Boss season 16 last night had Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as the ‘Sanchalak.’ during the first round she sent in Soundarya Sharma and Tina Datta. After the buzzer was rung, Soundarya ran to keep her bag of gold coins collected from the swimming pool area into the ‘change Abdu’ rack. After which a lot of housemates objected that Soundarya’s bag in the rack will not be considered because the buzzer had already gone off. Priyanka also removed Soundarya’s bag from ‘change Abdu’ rack. After Soundarya’s explanation, Priyanka change her decision and kept the bag back in the rack. This was followed by a fight between many contestants especially Priyanka and Shiv. Then Bigg Boss asked Priyanka to clarify what are the changes in the rules that she had done, to which Priyanka said that contestants in each round can keep the bags in racks after the buzzer is rung but they can’t collect gold coins from the swimming pool area of the gold mine created by Bigg Boss to decide whether Abdu be made a captain or not for another week.

Now, After priyanka declared the change in rule, Bigg Boss again clarified it from the ‘Udaariyaan’ actress what happen after the buzzer. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary again reiterated her decision and the change in rule.

Bigg Boss knew that these contestants are trying to act smarter than he is, therefore he clarified what happens when the buzzer rings. So, he can buzz the buzzer whenever he sees more bags on the rack of the side Bigg Boss himself wants to win.

Therefore, Sanchalak Priyanka or housemates are not choosing the next captain, but Buzzer man Bigg Boss is.