Bigg Boss 16: “Bro Priyanka you change this dustbin;” captain Abdu Rozik busy revenging Priyanka Choudhary for two-week old nominations

when compared to Priyanka, Nimrit seems to be doing barely anything.


Ever since Abdu Rozik has become the captain of Bigg Boss house, he has been after Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s life over cleaning. He seems to be poking Priyanka for every small, little detail of uncleanliness. In last night’s episode, Abdu approached “Bro” Priyanka three times telling her how bad she did her duties and where she lacked.

First he insisted she also clean the stairs to the balcony even after she had diligently cleaned the garden area. Priyanka was seen abiding by the captain’s orders religiously. Second, Abdu dragged Priyanka out to one of the kiosks in the garden area and point to her the dirt that he thinks Priyanka didn’t clean properly. Priyanka explained to Abdu how that particular dirt cannot be cleaned easily, it will need few days for it to go. Third, Abdu was seen discussing about reducing Shiv Thakare’s duties by sharing them between Priyanka and Shiv. He called out to Priyanka and told her, “Bro Priyanka, you clean this dustbin, one time you, one time Shiv.”

But this time, Priyanka very politely explained to Abdu that she’s doing kitchen at the moment, then she’ll be helping with lunch and then again cleaning the kitchen. She questioned, what all will she do and walked away saying, “It’s not my job.”

This behaviour of Abdu seems to be stemming from his anger of being nominated by Priyanka two weeks ago. He seems to be holding on to the feeling. Because when compared to Priyanka, Nimrit, Abdu’s crush, seems to be doing barely anything.