Bigg Boss 16: “Bigg Boss mein hai, haraam ka matt kha;” Archana Gautam in yet another fight with BFF Priyanka Choudhary

Even Ankit Gupta seems to have joined the fight.


Archana Gautam is back in the house is as old a news as Archana is never going to change. When she returned to the Bigg Boss season 16 last ‘Shanivaar Ka Vaar,’ she was very and so were Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Soundarya Sharma. All three girls screamed at the top of your their voices when Archana made a come-back. They hugged each other like childhood friends reuniting.

Now, in one of the promos of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16, shared by Colors Tv on all of its social media platforms, we see Archana Gautam in a very ugly fight with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. They are seen indulging in a brawl over kitchen duties. In the fight, Archana is seen demanding Priyanka to clean the gas and everything else after the food is made in exchange of Archana helping Priyanka in making chapatis. This seemed to have triggered Priyanka’s ego and is seen adamant on not following Archana’s orders.

Archana goes on to say, “Bigg Boss mein hai, haraam ka matt kha.” Even Ankit Gupta seems to have joined the fight and is seen supporting his apparent love interest or best friend, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. He is defending Priyanka by saying that this is the same Priyanka who supported your return in the house.

Soundarya Sharma is also seen in the fight, trying to stop the two from at least getting in a physical altercation with each other.

Only tonight’s telecast will reveal the real picture of the fight to the audience.