Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss in love with Soundarya Sharma? Read on to know what’s up!

Bigg Boss is not targeting Soundarya, he is targeting Gautam.

Bigg Boss in the 16th season of the most controversial show of the country is coming across in his newer, wittier and nastier avatar. He is often heard making nasty and sarcastic remarks on housemates every now and then. This is because, this time around, Bigg Boss is also playing.

Now, while playing along in this season, Bigg boss seems to have fallen for the dentist and actor-model Soundarya Sharma. He is known to be really attracted towards her. So much that he seems to be after her boyfriend inside the house, Gautam Singh Vig’s life. Bigg Boss’s only mission inside the house looks like to prove that Gautam and Soundarya’s relations is fake. He seems to believe this to the extent that he created a task to have his point proven by the housemates.


When the housemates, Ankit Gupta and Gori Nagori gave their verdict that Gautam Singh Vig and Soundarya Sharma are actually in love with each other and that it is not a fake relationship, Bigg Boss fired them as judges in the second round. Because he was hell bent on proving Gautam guilty.

Even Soundarya is heard speaking her heart out that Bigg Boss seems to be biased towards her, the way he announces his decisions, which are mostly not in her favour.

Well, what need to be understood here is that, Bigg Boss is not targeting Soundarya, he is targeting Gautam for some reason. Soundarya being Gautam’s girlfriend, gets looped in the drama. Well, reason could also be Bigg Boss’s love for Soundarya and that he’s taking out his jealousy on Gautam. #Justkidding.