Bigg Boss 16: ‘Bigg Boss can’t afford to lose anyone;’ real reason why Tina Datta was asked to make decision for Shalin Bhanot and MC Stan

The real reason behind Bigg Boss’s decision of asking Tina was…

Bigg Boss can’t afford to lose either MC Stan or Shiv Thakare or Shalin Bhanot too. So after the fight between Shalin and Stan, Bigg Boss called in both of them along with Tina Datta to the confession room. Bigg Boss asked Tina to first narrate the entire fiasco and then asked her to give her judgement on who out of Shalin and Stan does she wish to throw out of the house for the physical violence that happened inside the house.

Tina said she does not want anyone to go because both were at equal fault. She said Stan has a habit if abusing and Shalin gets aggressive too. So, she said considering the innate nature of both the contestants, she chooses not to throw anyone out.


Shalin had a big issue with Tina getting to decide who goes and who stays because if he was the one who faced physical violent attack then why is Bigg Boss asking Tina Datta to make a decision.

The real reason behind Bigg Boss’s decision of asking Tina was that Shiv also got violent and was clearly wrong here, but he didn’t call in Shiv to the confession room because Tina being anti Shiv could have asked Bigg Boss to kick Shiv out. Bigg Boss knew the equation Tina shares with Shalin and Stan, therefore she will not kick out anyone and the matter will be solved for Bigg Boss, because Bigg Boss can’t afford to lose its bigger contestants because the show might just end there then.