Bigg Boss 16: “Beta main baap hu tum sabh ka;” Sajid Khan boasting for no reason?

Whether he’s given special treatment is a wonderment for many.


Bigg Boss season 16 has a very controversial contestant in in the house, Sajid Khan. He’s the #MeToo accused Bollywood director, brother of famous choreographer from the same Bollywood industry, Farah Kahn. Sajid was accused of sexual misconduct and sexual exploitation of as many as 8 females artists from the industry. Sherlyn Chopra was the first one to report a sexual harassment case against him back in 2018. Following Sherlyn’s accusations, eight other actresses and other professionals from Bollywood, came forward and shared their experiences of sexual misconduct by Sajid Khan. Many others claim to be victims of the sexual predator’s exploitation of them.

Now, it is rumoured that Sajid Khan had entered Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant because he’s looking forward to whitewash his tainted image. He even admitted himself during the premier of Bigg Boss season 16’s premier night on October 1, 2022 that he did not have work for four years now. So, obviously the accused predator is expecting to get back to his feet from this show.

But, he seems to be too much of himself inside the Bigg Boss house in season 16. He is often seen bossing around in his own group of Shiv Thakare, Abdu Rozik and MC Stan. He had a fall out with the Rajasthani dancer, Gori Nagori few days ago. The reason was Gori Nagori stealing food from his room and giving it to others. But he was seen yelling at her, “beta main baap hu tum sabh ka, Sajid Khan hu main.” He is even seen breaking Bigg Boss’s property like one of the jugs in the kitchen and also banging open the door to the rooms by kicking with his foot. He was also seen profusely spitting ugly cuss words for Gautam Singh Vig one of the episodes.

But the arrogant Sajid Khan is not said anything, neither by Bigg Boss nor the host Salman Khan. Whether he’s given special treatment is a wonderment for many.