Bigg Boss 16: “Baby miss you baby;” why does Abdu Rozik say this to Shiv Thakare

Abdu sits on Shiv’s lap and both of them begin hugging each other.

In the latest promo of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16 shared by Colors Tv, we see Abdu Rozik sitting on Shiv Thakare’s lap and saying, “Baby miss you baby.” Well, before you all draw conclusions, read ahead to see the real picture. What they’re actually trying to do is, imitate the infamous couple, Gautam Singh Vig and Soundarya Sharma.

In a room adjacent to Shiv and Abdu’s, is Soundarya and Gautam’s room. Abdu and Shiv can peep into the next room via a glass divide in between the rooms. Soundarya is seen not just sitting in her room, but also on Gautam’s lap. Both of them are too close, looking into each other’s eyes, hugging each other, looks like they’re almost on the verge of kissing each other.


Now, when Abdu and Shiv see this, they try to imitate the two love birds because they can’t seem to stop laughing. Abdu is seen in the promo saying, “after two-three hours, bathroom mein gaye,” and he makes kissing sound from his mouth. Shiv is seen laughing at Abdu’s remarks.

The much loved duo, who have already got the hashtag of ‘Shibdu’ on Twitter and are trending fiercely, are then seen imitating Soundarya and Gautam. Abdu becomes Soundarya and Shiv becomes Gautam. Abdu sits on Shiv’s lap and both of them begin hugging each other and making fun of the love birds in the adjacent room. Abdu is then heard saying, ““Baby miss you baby.” Have a look: