Bigg Boss 16: “Archana toh nilambit hai;” Sajid Khan takes action against Archana Gautam for her misbehavior in the house

They are even seen dragging Archana down from the bed along with the mattress.


In one of the many promos of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16 being shared by Colors Tv on all of its social media platforms and by fans across the world, we see housemates clubbing against Archana Gautam for not doing her duties on time.

Sajid Khan, who is the captain and ‘Raja ji’ of Bigg Boss season 16’s seventh week, is seen discussing with other housemates on what to do with Archana. He is seen saying, “duty toh karani hai mujhe usko, aur agar duty nahin hogi toh uski punishment toh milni hi chahiye use.” Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was seen suggesting to Sajid Khan to tell Archana Gautam that, “agar aap ghar ka kaam nahin kar sakte toh aap ghar par nahin reh sakte.”

Later we see Nimrit Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakare entering Archana’s bedroom, where she is lying on the bed covering herself completely under the quilt. Shiv is seen saying, “apko 20 minute diye jaate hain…” as a threatening to Archana, who in turn replies, “jo mujhe karna hai main karungi, bhaunkte raho kutton ki tarhan.”

Towards the end of the promo we see Shiv, Nimrit, Shalin Bhanot and many others throwing Archana’s luggage and clothes inside the jail. They are even seen dragging Archana’s quilt from her and then dragging her down from the bed along with the mattress.

Let’s see what turn this fight of one against all will take: