Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam slams Sumbul Touqeer for not following her father’s advice; says, “Papa ki baat ignore kar de usko kya bolna”

Archana Gautam will soon be seen mocking Sumbul Touqeer for disobeying her father’s advice to avoid Shalin Bhanot. Leading to them getting into a massive brawl.

In the most recent Bigg Boss 16 promo, Sumbul Touqeer and Archana Gautam were seen engaging in a huge brawl after the latter mocks her for disobeying her father’s advice to avoid Shalin Bhanot. To which, Sumbul claims that it’s okay for her if she doesn’t care about her existence in the house, to which Archana admits and says, “Muje koi farkh nahi padta,” and later tells her, “jo apne papa ki baat ignore kar de usko kya bol sakte hai.” Sumbul loses her cool, warns Archana not to involve her father in this, and climbs aggressively onto her bed, almost engaging in a physical fight, while Archana continues to taunt her.
The netizens have sided with Archana because they agree with her. In fact, viewers labeled Sumbul a huge disappointment after she completely ignored her father’s advice and continued to talk to Shalin in the house. But she’s gradually carved out her own space and is working hard to be noticed around the house. Many internet users praised Archana for speaking the truth and labeling Sumbul as a moron.
Sumbul is one of the youngest, most popular, and highest-paid contestants, in the Bigg Boss 16 house, and her audience has yet to see the real Sumbul.