Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam slams Shalin Bhanot on chicken drama; says, “Main Bigg Boss ki galti manti hu”

“Phirse repeat nahin karunga, alag se roz chicken nahin ayega,” Bigg Boss ordered Shalin.


Bigg Boss is fed up and how! And it’s just the 5th week running. No brownie points for guessing Shalin’s the culprit. Shalin Bhanot has made his obsessed with chicken and proteins quite evident. The way he keeps whispering deep in his mic, “Bigg Boss chicken bhejdo” can get on anyone’s nerves. His constant, rather chant, is annoying for Bigg Boss, to say the least.

It’s just the beginning of this week that Bigg Boss called Shalin in the confession room to tell him to stop his constant auditioning inside the house regarding asking for chicken. Apparently, this wasn’t enough for Shalin Bhanot. Right when Nimrit won the rationing task yesterday, Shalin ran up to her to tell her to get as much chicken for him as possible. When he realised all the chicken has been taken by MC Stan, he again started asking for chicken from Bigg Boss.

In one of the promos for tonight’s telecast of Bigg Boss season 16, shared by Colors Tv on all of its social media platforms, we see Bigg Boss again bashing Shalin Bhanot for demanding for chicken and informs him once and for all that, “phirse repeat nahin karunga, alag se roz chicken nahin ayega.”

This seems to have irked Archana too, who is seen in the promo shouting her lungs out, “Ise pehle ghar bhejo, Bigg Boss mein khana nahin milta kya?” She further added, “Main Bigg Boss ki galti manti hu, market mein itne saare actor the, unko laate the, yahan pe khana khaane aye hain kya?”