Bigg Boss 16: “Apka focus trophy par hona chahiye, chicken par nahin;” Salman Khan schools Shalin Bhanot on Shukravar Ka Vaar

Shalin was seen evidently pissed off!


In one of the promos of Bigg Boss season 16’s telecast of tonight’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes is being circulated on almost all social media platforms, we see Salman Khan tutoring Shalin Bhanot on his constant chicken rant this entire week. The host is heard saying, “It’s not funny, it’s bloody irritating.” Salman further appeals to Bigg Boss saying, “Bigg Boss yeh sabh bhej kyun rahe ho yaar, main toh bolta hu, yeh bhi bandh kardo.” Shalin is seen listening to Salman Khan bashing him in yet another ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ while the host of 12 years continues, “apka focus trophy par hona chahiye, chicken par nahin.”

Shalin Bhanot has been ranting the entire week by whispering in his mic, “Bigg Boss mera chicken; Bigg Boss chicken please.” This went on throughout the day, even Salman Khan will be seen chiding him during ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ “Shalin apka yeh chicken chicken chicken itna ho gya hai, task shuru hone se pehle, raat ko sone se pehle.”

Even his apparent love interest or crush or girlfriend or just friend or buddy, Tina Dutta, too, was seen pleading to Bigg Boss for giving Shalin his chicken owing to his medical issues. Shalin was later calling inside the confession room and was informed by Bigg Boss that his share of chicken for the week has already been sent and that no more chicken will be sent inside the house. Shalin needs to ask from MC Stan, who took all of the chicken after he won the first round of ration task. Shalin was seen evidently pissed off!