Bigg Boss 16: ‘Aisa matt karo sir sir sir sir;” Shiv Thakare becoming Sajid Khan’s ‘chamcha?’

This happened when Sajid decided to give away all the ration.


Shiv Thakare, the master mind of Bigg Boss season 16, is now seen following the observing master mind of Bigg Boss 16 — Sajid Khan. In one of the episodes of the previous week, Shiv Thakare was seen going after Sajid Khan, more like a follower than a leader that he has been so far. He was heard addressing Sajid Khan as, “Sir, sir, sir, sir.” This happened when Sajid decided to give away all the ration after his accusations that Gori Nagori has been stealing ration from their room.

There have been other incidents too, where Shiv seems to be taking a back seat and Sajid Khan taking all the decisions, which are diligently being followed by Bigg Boss Marathi season 2, Shiv Thakare. It was the other way around a few weeks back, when Sajid himself called him the chancellor and Shiv the Mayor. Shiv was taking all decisions and many viewers were enjoying the way Shiv was using his brain inside the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Even in yesterday’s fight between Gori and Shiv, over Sajid’s suggestion Shiv went on the take the wheat back from Soundarya because Gori didn’t get up to get the tomatoes from their room. But when Soundarya, who was cooking chapatis said she has already mixed all the wheat, Shiv was again seen confused and asking Sajid, what to do now.

Now, seeing the tables turning, his fans seem to be getting annoyed, more from him than from Sajid Khan.