Bigg Boss 16: “Abdu trying his best not to fall in love with Nimrit;” Vishal Kotian supports Nimrit Ahluwalia and Abdu Rozik’s bond

In last night’s telecast, Abdu addressed Nimrit as sister.

Abdu Rozik, the cutest contestant of Bigg Boss season 16 has fallen in love with Nimrit Ahluwalia. He might not have fallen for her, but constantly being poked by Sajid Khan, Abdu over the past six weeks had started developing feelings for Nimrit. Now, when his feelings have grown further, Sajid, Nimrit and even Shiv Thakare are trying their best to pacify the smallest contestant ever to drop his feelings for ‘Choti Sardarni.’

In the past many episodes, we have seen Nimrit and Sajid discussing alone and with Abdu Rozik that they both can’t be in a relationship because Nimrit is already in love with someone else outside of the Bigg Boss house. Now, Abdu is trying his best to stay away from Nimrit, in order not to hurt his feelings and also not to ruin his equation with his co contestant in Bigg Boss 16.


Nimrit, too, on the other hand seems to be very unhappy with the fact that both of them are trying to stay away from each other. She had gotten used to being around the sweet fellow and now she seems to be missing him too.

In last night’s telecast, Abdu even addressed Nimrit as sister when teased by Sajid Khan. To which Abdu jokingly called Nimrit Aunty, which the latter did not appreciate. Upon being told by Shiv Thakare, Abdu apologies from Nimrit, who in turn understood and started crying and was making attempt to make Abdu understand how bad she feels for him and would never want to hurt her sweet friend.

Ex contestant from season 15, Vishal Kotian has peened a tweet in support of the two friends: