Bigg Boss 16: “Aapne bola, ki aapse behtar toh Soundarya hai;” Tina Datta still angry at Shalin Bhanot

Tina has not been talking to Shalin for a very long time.


There was a nominations’ task conducted by Bigg Boss inside the house for this week. The task involved housemates to give rose flowers to other housemates in order to save them from being nominated. And Shalin Bhanot gave a flower to Gautam Singh Vig, who is now one of his biggest arch rivals in the house. After the task got over, Tina Datta questioned Shalin about his behaviour, to which Shalin denied that he did not give it to Gautam. Then, MC Stan vouched for Tina that Shalin did ask for a rose flower for Gautam.

This was still acceptable by Tina, but what Shalin said later on, was extremely disturbing for her. She did not like it at all. Shalin, in front of Nimrit Ahluwalia, MC Stan and many other housemates said, Soundarya and her group is better than our group. Tina, took a very, very huge offence in this. She, rather took it personally. She said, “did you just compare me to Soundarya?” Shalin did not even deny and added that he always confronts his grudges against her by taking her away from everyone and in private. But Tina was so hurt that she did not listen to him at all.

Now, Tina has not been talking to Shalin for a very long time. And apparently Shalin is missing her presence in his life inside Bigg Boss house. So he is trying to win her back. But Tina, in one of the promos of tonight’s episode, is seen telling Shalin that she can’t keep letting him insult her on national television over and again.