Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Singh talks about his fight with Munmum Dutta; says, “Got my first taste of being in Bigg Boss”

Vishal Singh in an interview talked about his reason behind coming on BB15 as a challenger and his fight with fellow challenger Munmun Dutta

Vishal Singh Bigg Boss 15 house, as a challenger along with Surbhi Chandna, Akansha Puri, and Munmun Dutta. The actor, shared the reason behind BB15 and his fight with Munmum, in an interview.
When About coming on the show as a challenger, Vishal said, “I’ve been a big fan of Bigg Boss for a long time and have seen all of the seasons. I’d never had the bravery to do a full-fledged show before, but when this opportunity arose, I quickly said yes because I wanted to see the house and see whether I would be able to perform the show in the future. I agreed to participate in the show.”
Vishal then went on to talk about his fight with Munmun Dutta, “When Munmun and I got into a fight, we got a taste of the Bigg Boss house.” We had a minor argument while sitting and watching the contestants perform their duty. I believe we don’t comprehend the contestants’ psychology when we sit and assess them. We were seated in a room when we got into an argument about something. I believe the atmosphere has a tremendous impact on you as well. I was trying to calm myself down by telling myself that if I say four more things, the problem will morph into something else and get out of hand. The same might be said for her. It wasn’t a fight; it was a debate, as there always is when two highly opinionated people get together. ” shared Vishal

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