Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian talks about the fair and unfair games in the house; Says, “Harr koi apna faydaa dekhta hai”

In an Extra Masala video, Vishal Kotian speaks about how contestants play their game in the house.

The Bigg Boss house always witnesses different types of contestants coming together in one house. On one hand we have a player who strategies and plays, while on the other we have one focuses on the realness of relationships. There are contestants who also believe in playing it all individually, while others decide to have a team of their own. Everyone has their own specific way of playing this game. In one of the Extra Masala snippet Vishal Kotian is seen talking about how things are fair and unfair in the game.

Vishal says that, “I do whatever comes naturally to me.” He elaborates it further by giving examples that if Tenali Rama, Chanakya and others would have not done what they are good at, they would be not what they are today. Vishal tries to make Rajiv understand that what is fair and unfair differs from person to person and situations. Rajiv brings the topic of groupism and Vishal stops him and says, “Harr koe apna faydaa dekh raha hai, koi group nahi hai.”


He further talks about how playing in team sometimes prove beneficial as during captaincy tasks if the captain turns out to be from your team, chances of winning becomes high. However, this turns out to be unfair for the rest of the people.