Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian talks about his loyalty, Nishant Bhat says, ‘I do not trust you’

In a clip from Bigg Boss 15, Vishal Kotian confesses that he is a very loyal person, and that reflects in his game-plan and strategy.

To survive in the house and game of Bigg Boss, it is mandatory for every housemate to have in-game plans and strategies so as to make sure that they are able to outsmart any sudden challenges that come in their ways. Vishal Kotian is also one of those housemates in Bigg Boss 15 who has an in-game plan and in a recent clip shared by Voot, was seen talking about it.

In the Extra Masala clip of  Bigg Boss 15, Vishal and Nishant Bhat can be seen sitting in the Garden area where Vishal says, “I am a very loyal person in life. I will try to play smart, but I never have and never will betray anyone. I asked Simba yesterday the reason he wrote my name with ‘Ram‘ and ‘Raavan‘ beside it, so he said that at times, I am either ‘Ram‘ or ‘Raavan‘. I said that all is fine, but tell me one thing, have I betrayed anyone in the house from the beginning.” Nishant intervenes and says, “As far as I have seen your game, you do what comes in your mind and you do not think of the repercussions. Your way is very simple, but it also depends on the person who is seeing all this, if they are able to understand it or not but in a basic sense, you look like a person who is very cunning, which you are not. Honestly telling, I have told you since the first day that I do not trust you on the game because of the way you have played the game.”


Hearing this, Vishal says, “But I have not betrayed you or your trust.” Nishant continues saying, “Let me rephrase my words. I don’t trust you because we haven’t played the game since day one. Neither did I come to bite you, nor have you come to bite me. I observe a lot. The things which happened twice or thrice, are what made me come up with this decision of not trusting you with the game.”