Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian seems to be missing Shamita Shetty; Says, “Mein chahta hu ke woh wapas aajaye”

Vishal Kotian misses his sister Shamita Shetty and wants her to be in the VIP zone.

The bonds shared in the Bigg Boss house often turn out to be the ones shared from heart. In one of the Extra Masala snippet Vishal Kotian speaks about his relationships that he shares with contestants in the house and also tells that how much he misses Shamita Shetty.

The conversation starts when Nishant asks Vishal, which one contestant he would like to bring back if he had the power. Vishal quickly takes Shamita’s name and says he wishes she was in the VIP zone. He says, “Mein chahta hu ke woh yaha pe aaye.” He further expresses his feelings that he has a very special bond with her.


On the other hand Nishant also agrees and says that despite they are not in talking terms he would still want Shamita to be in the VIP zone. Vishal also mentions that if Shamita would be here things would be balanced. Further elaborating Vishal tells, “Mein disloyal nahi hu, mein dono team mene se kisiko dhokha nahi diya hai.” Vishal also specifies that he plays in a very strategical way and that comes naturally to him.

There are also speculations made that Shamita will enter the show before the weekend as there are reports that her health is fine now. Shamita had to leave the house on medical reasons and fans were hoping for her comeback very soon.