Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian breaks down as he talks about his parents

In an Unseen Undekha clip of Bigg Boss 15, Vishal Kotian talks about the gifts his parents sent him and becomes emotional while thinking about them.

The overall series of Bigg Boss is not only the most controversial part of the Indian Television Industry, but at times it becomes the most emotional one as well. Staying away from their loved ones for so many weeks, the participants do become emotionally vulnerable at some point in the show. In one such clip of Unseen Undekha, Vishal Kotian talks about his parents and gets emotional when he starts to talk about the gifts they might have sent him.

In the clip shared by Voot, Vishal Kotian can be seen sitting by himself and talking about how he used to gift his younger brother, his father and other family members gift everywhere as he is the eldest son. He says, “I don’t know what they might have sent me. Dad would have sent me whatever he could have been able to think of. I don’t even know if my father would even have that much money to send me something. Whatever he might have sent, he must have sent it from his heart. Their blessings are all that is enough for me. There is nothing bigger than blessings.” Vishal continued expressing his emotions by saying, “I have been giving them gifts for so many years but I am unable to do so this year. Everyone looks at me when Diwali is around the corner for new clothes, decoration of the house but this year, this burden would have been on him to send me something since I am not there.”


He wiped his tears as he said, “My father’s blessings are enough for me. I need to be strong. My mom is watching me. Diwali is not the festival of taking, but it is about spreading happiness. This is what I have been taught since childhood by my mother.” He reassured himself to be strong and happy for all that he has in his life and he thanked each and every family member of his for gifting him whatever they were able to send him this year. Vishal promised that he would return home only after winning the show, and when he does that, he will gift his family members a lot many gifts.