Bigg Boss 15 Updates: Salman Khan announces no eviction in this ‘Weekend ka Vaar’; Says, “Sadoo sab ghar ke andar”

Weekend Ka Vaar has something shocking for all the contestants.

Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Khan had taken class of housemates as well as VIP members. The episode is going to be full of bashing as the contestants had got physical during tasks and also slammed them for their statements and actions to the reaction and instigation. Salamn bashed Karan, Umar and Devoleena for their mistakes and asked them to explain their purpose of their reaction to the scenario.

Salman also spoke about the eviction and the reports state that there will be no eviction this week as Salman Khan says,”Sadoo sab ghar ke andar.” There are also reports that the show will not extend and will end in January itself. There were assumptions that the makers might extend the show till February but due to low TRP this time the show is not going to extend. The TRP rating for this week was 0.9 rating and for the weekend 1.3 rating. There will be shocking eviction in future as the wildcard entries have entered and there will be more than one contestant to leave the house every week now it seems.


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