Bigg Boss 15 Updates: Pratik Sehajpal and Umar Raiz at loggerheads during the nominations task

Bigg Boss 15 house competition reaches to another level of aggression.

Bigg Boss 15 house are having tasks between VIP and Non VIP members but now the game has changed. Bigg Boss will have a task set-up for the housemates and it is predicted that it is to get saved from nominations. The reports speak that the task is also housemates to make sword with clay and have to protect their’s as well as destroy others. The sanchalak for the task are Rashami, Devoleena and Rakhi. 

At first Shamita has given up on the task because of the back to back unfair decisions by the sanchalak. Rajiv is seen destroying Pratik’s sword after Shamita says,” Tu sirf Pratik ka kyu todd raha hai.” Rajiv further also destroys Umar’s sword. The competition among the housemates is getting tough.


During one of the rounds Umar’s sword was saved before the buzzer went on as opposition were trying to destroy his sword. Later it is seen, Tejasswi is out from the race as her sword is destroyed by Pratik and Nishant and she is upset with the result.

In the last round the team is Karan Vs Nishant and Umar Vs Pratik. The duo Umar and Pratik get aggressive in the task and Pratik’s shirt is also torn. At the time of the result Rashami is on Karan’s side while Devoleena and Rakhi is in Pratik and Nishant’s side. The reports further read that the round was stuck due to something intense. The conclusion read that housemates get Rs 3 lakh.