Bigg Boss 15 Updates: History will repeat itself? ‘Jaanta ke haath mein failsa’

Bigg Boss 15 will have live voting as the history will repeat itself.

Bigg Boss 15 house has twist and turns that will change the whole game once again. The shocking eviction of Simba had given contestants a wake up call and after that the housemates are going to get one more shocking elimination. The reports have confirmed that there will be a live voting eviction among bottom 5 contestants.

The press had decided bottom 6 out of which Simba has got evicted from the house so the bottom 5 contestants are Jay Bhanushali, Neha Bhasin, Umar Riaz, Rajiv and Vishal Kotian. Now the result will be on the viewers as the result is completely on their votes. It will be interesting to watch who will be evicted from the house as the competition is tough. The reports also speak that the voting line will be open from 4 pm and will be there for couple of hours only it seems.


Grab your phones and vote for your favorite contestant in order to save them. For more updates stay tuned with us to know more details from Bigg Boss 15 house.