Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali talks about Nuclear and Civil War safety

In a clip of Extra Masala of Bigg Boss 15, Jay Bhanushali shares about his friend who sells bunkers in Scotland to protect themselves in case of a nuclear attack takes place.

Indian television’s most controversial, yet entertaining show, Bigg Boss, always have some intellectual information that the contestants share in various episodes. Jay Bhanushali, one of the participants of Bigg Boss 15, shared such incident/news where he stated that one of his friend in Scotland has made several bunkers and have put them on sale for people to stay safe in case of a nuclear war.

In the clip, we can see Jay sitting and relaxing with Pratik Sehajpal and a few other participants of this season of Bigg Boss. He starts the story by saying that “In Scotland or some country, a friend of mine has made several bunkers on a massive land owned by him and is selling them to people in case of a nuclear war, because if nuclear war takes place, it will be followed by Civil war as well. Thus, he is selling those bunkers to people so that they can keep themselves safe from both, nuclear and civil war.” Jay continues to tell his fellow contestants the details of the construction by saying that “He has built the bunkers deep in the ground  so as to make sure that the people living in the bunker are unaffected by the wars, and the bunkers look like villas. They have swimming pools, theatres and every other thing we see in a normal building.