Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz warns Vishal Kotian to not mock about his profession; says, “I’m upset with my friends”

Umar Riaz is upset with Karan Kundrra, Vishal Kotian and Tejasswi Prakash for passing jokes on his profession. Warns Vishal to not repeat it. again.

In a recent Bigg Boss 15 episode, Umar Riaz is seen being very upset with Vishal Kotian, Karan Kundrra, and Tejasswi Prakash for making fun of his knowledge about his profession. Umar even shut down Vishal Kotian, who was mocking Umar’s knowledge. Karan, Tejasswi, and Vishal were seen passing jokes about Umar.

Listening to the trio, Umar is seen walking up to them and shutting down Vishal Kotian.He warned Vishal Kotian to not make mockery regarding his profession as the jokes don’t make him look good. On the subject, Umar said, “You Keep teasing me about 106-206 bones. Do you know what it takes to become a Doctor? Whatever happened during Weekend Ka Vaar, I was having a bad day.” Umar here is talking about the incident of Weekend Ka Vaar episode wherein he was tested on his knowledge regarding his profession and he incorrectly answered the number of bones inside a human body.


Explaining, Umar gave Salman Khan’s example and told the trio that even he has given flops films but that doesn’t make him a bad actor. Upset with his closest friend inside the house, he added, “You don’t understand it has taken me 10 years to become a doctor. If anyone in the house-made fun, I would understand, but you three are my closest friend. I won’t tolerate it. I am a doctor by profession and I will continue this profession after going out and it won’t look good for me.”

In the end, Vishal apologized to him and tried to explain his side but Umar told him not to repeat it in the future.